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  • The role and need for inertia in a NEM-like system

    The Role and Need for Inertia in a NEM-Like System, published in May 2024:

    • AEMO engaged Vysus Group to conduct an independent simulation-based analysis on frequency and angle stability using a simplified network model, to inform ongoing investigation of power system stability under low levels of synchronous inertia.
    • This report summarises the findings of this high-level study, including:
      • The extent to which the geographic distribution of synchronous inertia across the power system impacts various stability phenomena in the power system.
      • Whether the power system could run entirely at zero or very low levels of synchronous inertia.
      • At what level of synchronous inertia would AEMO need to consider other power system stability phenomena in the calculation of inertia requirements.
    • The study highlights the value of further analysis to improve understanding of these phenomena in the context of the NEM.

    Important Notice

    This document is subject to an important disclaimer that limits and excludes AEMO’s liability for reliance on the information in it. Please read this Important Notice before you read the rest of this document.

  • 100% Inverter Based Resource Generation Study – Tasmania Region 

    The 100% Inverter Based Resource Generation Study – Tasmania Region report, published March 2024:

    • Summarises findings of a scoping study initiated by AEMO and TasNetworks which aimed to identify the most significant system security considerations arising from operation of the Tasmanian network without any synchronous generation, that is, scenarios with 100% penetration of inverter based resources (IBR) generation.
    • Is part of a work package under the Engineering Roadmap to uplift operational capabilities by improving practical understanding of what 100% IBR generation scenarios mean for day-to-day operation of the National Electricity Market (NEM).
  • Inertia in the NEM explained - March 2023

    The Inertia in the NEM explained factsheet, published in March 2023:

    • Clarifies and distinguishes key terms associated with power system inertia in the NEM
    • Presents AEMO’s technical view on inertia in the NEM at time of publication
  • Enduring primary frequency response requirements for the NEM - September 2021

    The Enduring primary frequency response requirements for the NEM technical white paper, published in September 2021:

    • Examines the role of primary frequency response (PFR) within the broader frequency control chain.
    • Establishes the technical characteristics and power system requirements of effective PFR.
    • Explores how effective PFR can be maintained as the power system continues to transition into the future.
  • Application of Advanced Grid-Scale Inverters in the NEM - August 2021

    The Application of Advanced Grid-Scale Inverters in the NEM white paper, published in August 2021:

    • Describes the application of advanced grid-scale inverters in the NEM, with a focus on grid-forming inverters.
    • Provides recommendations toward enabling the application of this technology to support the NEM.
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