Project EDGE Industry Forums

Supporting Project EDGE are a number of forums run by each of the project partners (AEMO, AusNet Services and Mondo) targeted towards key industry stakeholders as follows:

Forum Lead Audience
DER Market Integration Consultative Forum (MICF) AEMO Aggregators and retailers
DER Demonstrations Industry Forum (DIF)
Nous Group Industry
Network Advisory Group (NAG) AusNet Services Network and distribution businesses
Consumer Advisory Group (CAG) Mondo Hume region community stakeholders

A brief overview of each group and how to get involved is provided below.

As the project progresses, additional forums and working groups may be established to support the outcomes of the project. Information on such forums will become available as they arise.

DER Market Integration Consultative Forum

DER Market Integration Consultative Forum (MICF) meetings are held monthly to enable:

  • AEMO to better understand aggregator perspectives on design options for market participation of VPPs / Aggregators, which can inform AEMO’s development and prioritisation of activities.
  • Aggregators to better understand the market operations and practicalities of market participation, facilitating a smoother integration into market frameworks.
  • Timely updates on the progress of trials facilitating DER integration into market operations and related works.

To find out more or get involved, contact

DER Demonstration Insights Forum

DER Demonstrations Insights Forum (DIF) meetings are held monthly to enable:

  • The purpose of the DER-DIF is to provide a critical link between the evidence developed in Demonstration projects and the regulatory reform process. It aims to achieve this by engaging a panel of industry experts to get feedback on project design, implementation and outputs so that:
    • Project partners can consider feedback from industry experts in their decision making
    • Knowledge and learnings are effectively shared between project participants and industry experts
    • Robust evidence is developed that can be utilised or referenced in related regulatory decision making by relevant authorities.

To find out more or get involved, contact

Network Advisory Group

Led by AusNetServices, this group facilitates:

  • Feedback on the specific distribution network service design aspects of the project.
  • Opportunity to share information and uplift stakeholder understanding of Project EDGE.
  • Input and agreement by stakeholders on the scope of the project to enhance validity of the project and application to future market development

This forum audience is limited to Distribution Network businesses or by exception via invitation.

To find out more contact

Consumer Advisory Group

Mondo leads the consumer engagement activities within the Hume region where Project EDGE is taking place. This forum provides:

  • Opportunities for the project team to understand the views, requirements and concerns of the local residential and commercial consumers in relation to DER and Project EDGE.
  • Discussion on how best to maximise the outcomes of the project in relation to potential consumer benefits from participating in the trial and future implementation of similar market arrangements.
  • A forum to raise consumer awareness and understanding of Project EDGE.

Forum audience is limited to consumers in the Hume Region or by invitation only. To find out more contact

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