Project EDGE Webinars

Project EDGE final report webinar

Project EDGE has published its Final Report, demonstrating that show that price-responsive DER is technically feasible and able to accelerate the transition to net-zero while maintaining electricity security and reliability.

This webinar provides an overview of Project EDGE’s findings as it trialled an evolution of the National Electricity Market to one where price-responsive DER can be efficiently integrated into existing market arrangements. The project successfully coordinated DER operations between all participants, demonstrating end-to-end technical feasibility of DER to accelerate the transition to net-zero while maintaining energy security and reliability.

Project EDGE Independent Cost Benefit Analysis webinar

Project EDGE’s Independent Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) assesses the costs and benefits associated with NEM-wide implementation of the demonstrated DER integration model using evidence from Project EDGE.

This webinar shares independent findings from Deloitte Access Economics which show that greater coordination of active DER in the NEM will result in an incremental benefit of up to $5.15 - 6.04 billion over the next 20 years in reduced cost to all electricity consumers, and an additional societal benefit of $3 billion in emissions reductions. The findings demonstrate that all consumers stand to benefit from the accelerated and optimised integration of active DER via Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) in the NEM.

Project EDGE Final Customer Insights Study Webinar (7 June 2023)

In June 2023, Deakin University’s Better Consumption Lab completed the multi-year series of customer insight studies as part of Project EDGE. Following the completion of the study, Project EDGE with Deakin University held a public webinar to discuss the Customer Insights focusing on the key perceptions and findings of the four reports published from June 2022 to June 2023.

The webinar touched on:

  • An in-depth Literature Review that identified gaps in the research body of knowledge that targeted Deakin’s work as part of Project EDGE and provides a roadmap for future research by outlining areas where insufficient or insufficiently detailed research has been conducted to date.
  • A survey of 893 homeowners within the broader Australian community to understand their perceptions and intentions to adopt Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) and join a Virtual Power Plant (VPP). This activity sought to look at motivations beyond customers who are early adopters.
  • In depth interviews with 35 customers of EDGE DER aggregators to evaluate their experiences in participating in a VPP. The interviews address a set of research gaps identified by the Lab, including how to enhance customer trust in VPPs, how to develop a relational style of interaction with customers, and what customers consider to be a smooth installation and service experience.
  • Survey responses with 63 customers of the three DER aggregators participating in Project EDGE. The survey asked customers to evaluate key features of the VPP that each aggregator was offering as part of the Project EDGE trial that ran between May 2022 and March 2023.

Project EDGE Public Webinar (7 June 2022)

In June 2022, Project EDGE released a significant project milestone in the Public Interim Report. Following the release of the report, Project EDGE held a public webinar to discuss the key insights, challenges and learnings complied over the initial 18-month period of the 3 year project, marking the transition from Design into field trial operation and empirical evidence development. The interim report contains a lot of design information, lessons learned and key questions for industry to solve together and for which EDGE will support with an evidence base over the next 12 months. 

Project EDGE Customer Insights Study Webinar (7 June 2022)

In June 2022, Project EDGE released a major deliverable in the Public Customer Insight and Engagement Study Interim Report. Following the release of the report, Project EDGE with Deakin University held a public webinar to discuss the Customer Insights Study which delves into the perceptions and decision making around Virtual Power Plants among potential residential and business customers, and current residential battery owners.

Project EDGE MVP Showcase

In December 2021, Project EDGE provided a demonstration of the minimum viable product (MVP) version of the DER marketplace to the Australian Renewable Energy Agency as part of their Milestone 2 deliverables. This demonstration showcased the steps and processes taking place in the DER Marketplace environment, and how each role (Aggregator, Distributed System Operator and AEMO) interacts.

The video can be found below.

 A summary of the use cases is outlined in this presentation.

Project EDGE Webinar #1 - webinar recording

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