Project EDGE Reports

Project EDGE Final Report

Project EDGE has published its Final Report, demonstrating that show that price-responsive DER is technically feasible and able to accelerate the transition to net-zero while maintaining electricity security and reliability.

Project EDGE trialled an evolution of the National Electricity Market to one where price-responsive DER can be efficiently integrated into existing market arrangements. The project successfully coordinated DER operations between all participants, demonstrating end-to-end technical feasibility of DER to accelerate the transition to net-zero while maintaining energy security and reliability. 

Three active aggregators, AusNet and AEMO successfully built and operated systems and processes to coordinate, in real time, the functions needed for DER system and market integration. These functions included DOEs, DER fleet forecasting, coordination and visibility, and scalable data exchange between multiple industry actors.  

Key findings from the report are represented through the DER Integration Framework, including:

  • Consumer-centric approaches are needed for DER value to scale
  • Maintaining a secure and reliable power system in a high DER future
  • Harnessing DER for a more efficient and affordable power system
  • Clarity on roles and responsibilities can be a catalyst for capability development.

Project EDGE - Lessons Learnt #2 Report - November 2022

Project EDGE has now entered the operational phase of the trial with all three aggregators conducting various research activities and field trials to build an evidence base on the most efficient approach to implementing a distributed energy resources (DER) Marketplace that benefits all consumers and industry.

The purpose of this knowledge sharing report is to build on the previous learning from the Lessons Learned # 1, Customer Insights Study reports and the Public Interim Report and to share the preliminary findings to date that are testing the Research Questions and Hypothesis posed in our Research Plan, designed by the University of Melbourne.

Key points explored through the Report:

  • The exploration of on-boarding the new aggregators to the trial and delving into their experience surrounding customer acquisition for a VPP and integrating into the DER Data Hub.
  • The results and findings from the NEM Suspension Event in June 2022 detailing considerations for directing the market in a high DER future where a greater portion of supply and demand is represented by VPPs.
  • An independent assessment conducted by EY, seeking to understand which architecture model for scalable DER data exchange would best support the NEO and ensure a secure, scalable and effective DER Marketplace. The work considers cyber risks and threats, implementation benefits and hurdles and mitigating controls.

Project EDGE delivers key insights with two major knowledge sharing reports

Project EDGE (Energy Demand and Generation Exchange) has moved a step closer to developing a two-sided marketplace for Distributed Energy Resources (DER), publishing two key project reports from the initial design and build phase.

The Public Interim Report is a significant project milestone which expands on the key insights, challenges and learnings complied over the initial 18-month period of the 3-year project, marking the transition from Design into field trial operation and evidence development. 

The Public Customer Insight and Engagement Study Interim Report examines perceptions of, and decision-making around, Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) among potential residential and business customers, and current residential battery owners.  

To assist interested parties in understanding more about the content of these reports, the Project EDGE team will be holding two public webinars. We will present and discuss findings and key insights from the milestone reports at these sessions. 

Project EDGE Research Plan

Key outputs from Project EDGE include information and learnings that inform industry reform and the Post 2025 NEM initiatives. A detailed research plan has been developed to guide the activities undertaken to ensure the data obtained supports the objectives of the project and can be used as part of an evidence base for change and development of the future energy market and systems. 

The detailed Research Plan is available here:

Project EDGE MVP Showcase

In December 2021, Project EDGE provided a demonstration of the minimum viable product (MVP) version of the DER marketplace to the Australian Renewable Energy Agency as part of their Milestone 2 deliverables. This demonstration showcased the steps and processes taking place in the DER Marketplace environment, and how each role (Aggregator, Distributed System Operator and AEMO) interacts.

Project EDGE Lessons Learned Report #1 – 31 May 2021

Providing insights into the lessons learned since the project commenced in November 2020, the Lessons Learned Report #1 covers:

  • Insights into the development of the project and high-level design process.
  • Technology development findings and next steps.
  • Stakeholder engagement best practice and key outcomes.
  • The knowledge sharing plan and future deliverables.
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