Enhancing Reserve Information (ERI) project

AEMO is implementing the ERI reform following the Australian Energy Market Commission’s final determination in the ERI rule change, on 21 March 2024. Changes will be made to improve the transparency of energy availability across the National Electricity Market (NEM) that will enable market participants to make more informed decisions about their own behaviour, including when periods of tighter supply-demand balance in the wholesale electricity market are anticipated.  


Under the reform, three new measures will be introduced:

  1. Publication of previous day’s 5-min data for batteries
    From 1 July 2025, AEMO will publish the previous trading days’ energy availability for batteries, by Dispatchable Unit Identifier (DUID) and for each five-minute dispatch interval (DI), at the end of the trading day (note that within the ERI rules, a ‘battery’ is a scheduled bidirectional unit, excluding pumped hydro). 
  2. Publication of daily energy limits (total availability) for scheduled generators
    From 1 July 2025, AEMO will publish the daily energy limits (total availability) of scheduled generators (including pumped hydro), aggregated by region, at the start of the trading day.
  3. Publication of aggregated state of charge of batteries in near-real time
    From 1 July 2027, AEMO is to publish energy availability of batteries (i.e. state of charge in MWh), aggregated by region, each DI.  Note that AEMO is exploring the publication of this data from mid-2025 for regions which already have several battery providers registered.

High Level Implementation Assessment (HLIA)

AEMO published the ERI HLIA in June 2024, with stakeholder feedback invited for two weeks. The HLIA is intended to assist affected participants to develop their own implementation timelines and impact assessments.

Please send any feedback on the ERI HLIA to NEMReform@aemo.com.au





June 2024

High-level implementation assessment

Overview of how AEMO intends to implement the reform.

Jan 2025

Changes to EMMS data model published

The EMMS data model technical specification will be updated

April-May 2025

Industry testing of first changes

Exact dates for testing to be determined

1 July 2025

Go-live of first changes

Rule commencement for changes 1 and 2. 

April-May 2027

Industry testing of final changes

Exact dates of testing to be determined

1 July 2027

Go live of final changes

Rule commencement for change 3.

Industry engagement

This initiative forms part of NEM Reform Program and market participants can get involved by visiting:

Further Information

For more information, please contact NEMReform@aemo.com.au.

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