System Security Market Frameworks Review

On 19 September 2017, the AEMC provided determinations on the Generating System Model Guidelines, Managing the rate of change of power system frequency, and Managing power system fault levels rule changes. As part of these changes to bolster power system security across the NEM, AEMO has completed a series of technical investigations and developed guidelines that provide greater clarity to existing and prospective Market Participants and allow NSPs and AEMO to gather the information necessary to perform the extended analyses now required to maintain power system security.

The following guidelines and reports have been developed and published by AEMO as a result of this review.

System Strength Impact Assessment Guidelines

Power System Model Guidelines

These documents are published in accordance with NER clause 11.102 following consultation in accordance with the NER. The guidelines come into effect on 1 July 2018.

System Strength Requirements Methodology and System Strength Requirements and Fault Level Shortfalls

This document is published in accordance with NER clauses 11.101.3 and 11.101.4.
(A new version of this document is effective from 1 December 2022, and is available in System Security Planning)

Inertia Requirements Methodology and Inertia Requirements and Shortfalls

This document are published in accordance with NER clauses 11.100.3 and 11.100.4.

Notices of Shortfalls in Inertia and Fault Level (System Strength)

Notices of Shortfalls in Inertia and Fault Level (System Strength), in accordance with clauses 5.20B.3(c) and 5.20C.2(c) respectively of the National Electricity Rules.

Other documents

AEMO sought an independent review of the Power System Model Guidelines and the System Strength Impact Assessment Guidelines. The review by PEACE® PLLC is available here (486 KB, pdf).

To assist in understanding some of the conclusions reached in the System Strength Requirements Methodology and the Inertia Requirements Methodology, the following report analyses the ability of the South Australian power system to form an island and remain secure in an islanded state.

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