WA Market Reform Archive

The following information and Forum documentation was for the WA Market Reform Program implemented by AEMO in 2016 and 2017.

WA Market Reform Program

AEMO has implemented the WA Market Reform Program (WAMRP) to ensure compliance with the reforms resulting from the WA Government’s Electricity Market Review (EMR) that fall under AEMO’s responsibilities.

The Program will be delivered via three workstreams:

Retail Workstream – will implement processes and systems required by AEMO to perform retail market operation functions, and prepare for a future implementation of full retail contestability.

Wholesale Workstream – will facilitate transitional arrangements for the Reserve Capacity Mechanism (RCM) and prepare a RCM auction, implement market systems to support the new Wholesale Electricity Market (WEM), and update settlements and prudential processes and systems.

System Operations Workstream – will implement power system operation processes required by AEMO to support the new WEM.

Frequently Asked Questions

AEMO has developed an FAQ Document providing responses to questions regarding the WAMRP. 

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