VAr dispatch

VAr Dispatch Schedule System implementation project

The NEM VAr Dispatch Schedule System implementation pilot project commenced on 14 December 2015. VAr means Volt-Ampere reactive power, and relates to voltage control in the power system.

The trial aims to implement and examine the full end-to-end process, and provide reactive plant operators (Generators and Network Service Providers that operate reactive plant in accordance with dispatch instructions from AEMO control centres) and AEMO with an opportunity to validate operations, systems, and processes for the NEM VAr Dispatch Scheduling process in an "as-real-as-possible" operational environment. AEMO will also refine system tuning and evaluate reliability and performance of systems.

Further information on the trial is available from:

Latest updates on the trial can be found here:

For more information, please contact AEMO’s VAr Project Team by email at (

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