TransGrid PSCR Managing the Sydney South Substations Asset Risks

Market Network Service Provider
StageProject Specification Consultation Report
ConvenorAEMO NSP
Accepting submissions?No
Submissions close04/12/2018

TransGrid has recently published a Project Specification Consultation Report for Managing the Sydney South Substation’s Asset Risks.

Substation gantries are essential for the safe and reliable operation of the whole substation. The gantries in Sydney South substation display evidence of corrosion, which, if unaddressed, may result in the failure of the steelwork, connection bolts, holding down bolts, or baseplates. The failure of the gantries may in-turn result in a loss of supply to end consumers, injury to staff and damage to equipment. These events may also affect more than one system element at the same time, which would require significant time to rectify.

TransGrid considers that there is only one feasible option from a technological and project delivery perspective, i.e., replacing or refurbishing the identified corroded components in a single project. This involves in-situ renewal of the steelwork by removing corrosion, painting and replacement of components, where required.

The estimated capital cost is between $18 million and $24 million depending on the extent of work required to address corrosion and the final selected remediation methods across the site.

In accordance with the requirements of the Rules, a summary of the Project Specification Consultation Report is made available on the AEMO website. A copy of the Project Specification Consultation Report can be obtained fromTransGrid Website on the RIT-T Consultations page or by emailing

Submissions Project Specification Consultation Report are required by the closing date of 4 December 2018.

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