Wholesale Market Electronic Communication Procedure 

Market Declared Wholesale Gas Market
StageFinal Report
ConvenorAEMO Gas
Accepting submissions?No
Submissions close10/08/2022

Wholesale Market Electronic Communication Procedure - Technical Documents update for DWGM Enhancement rule changes - August 2022

Amendments to the Technical Documents can be made by AEMO under the Wholesale Market Electronic Communication Procedures section 2.5(b) in the event the Technical Document change is a result of a Rule or Wholesale Market Procedure change.

Market Participants were consulted, under the ordinary Procedure Change Consultative Process prescribed under Rule 135EE of the National Gas Rules (NGR) which concluded on 6 May 2021, on the Implementation of 2020 DWGM enhancement rule changes which resulted in the substantive changes to these Technical Documents.

Market Participants have been provided information sessions on the new functionality along with an opportunity to undertake PREPROD testing to review and use the new CC Auction and CC Transfer functionality and reports outlined in the Technical Document changes.

The effective date of the changes to the documents outlined below is to align to the first run of the Capacity Certificate auction scheduled for 24 August 2022, including the CC Auction processes and reporting leading into the date of the first auction.
The Capacity Certificates can be used for tie breaking purposes in the Victorian Declared Wholesale Gas Market from gas day 1 January 2023.

A further update to the Technical Documents will be undertaken by December 2022 to represent the removal of AMDQ and AMDQ Credit Certificates from market systems.

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