Project EDGE

Project EDGE (Energy Demand and Generation Exchange) is a multi-year project to demonstrate an off-market, proof-of-concept Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Marketplace that efficiently operates DER to provide both wholesale and local network services within the constraints of the distribution network. 

The project is a collaboration between AEMO, AusNet Services and Mondo, with financial support from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) and is focussed within the Hume region of north-east Victoria. The intent is to use this to demonstrate capabilities which can then be replicated across other areas of the National Electricity Market (NEM).

The project demonstrates how consumer participation in a DER marketplace could be facilitated. A consumer chooses to engage an aggregator who utilises the consumer owned DER to deliver electricity services within the DER marketplace, in exchange for monetary compensation. The services required are determined by AEMO, or the Distribution Network Service Provider (DNSP).

A more detailed overview of the project is available in the following fact sheet:

Project EDGE CBA Methodology Consultation Paper

Project EDGE is seeking feedback on the draft methodology that will underpin the Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA), as outlined in this report. Engagement with stakeholders on the draft methodology provides an early opportunity to test and challenge the robustness of the CBA’s approach and underlying assumptions as well as a means of capturing additional information and views on methodology inputs, including costs and benefits.

Deloitte Access Economics has been commissioned by AEMO, AusNet Services and Mondo to conduct an independent Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) as part of Project EDGE, a multi-year project to demonstrate an off-market, proof-of-concept Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Marketplace.

The purpose of the CBA for Project EDGE is to identify and analyse whether the implementation of an operational DER marketplace is in the long-term interests of consumers consistent with the NEO and under which conditions. The CBA will also assess under which scenarios adding more complexity and sophistication to the DER marketplace may be justified.

Questions for consultation are raised throughout the methodology report and a consolidated list is provided in Appendix A (Page 78). These questions provide insight on the following focused consideration topics:

  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Visibility
  • DER Scalable Data Exchange
  • Local Services Exchange
  • Dynamic Operating Envelopes

    Project EDGE encourages stakeholders to comment more broadly on any aspect of the methodology, including elements which may not be captured in the draft methodology as presented.

    The draft CBA methodology paper for Project EDGE is presented for consultation until 5pm AEST on Friday, 5 August 2022. Stakeholders are encouraged to review the draft methodology and provide written feedback to, emphasising response to the consultation questions called out.

    The Project Team welcome open feedback as well as requests for discussion during this period, as broad and transparent collaboration is essential to the completion of this work.

Project EDGE Research Plan

Key outputs from Project EDGE include information and learnings that inform industry reform and the Post 2025 NEM initiatives. A detailed research plan has been developed to guide the activities undertaken to ensure the data obtained supports the objectives of the project and can be used as part of an evidence base for change and development of the future energy market and systems. 

The detailed Research Plan is available here:

Future knowledge sharing activities will aim to respond to the questions outlined in this research plan and will form the basis of work undertaken in the project trials. 

Aggregator Onboarding Documents

Project EDGE seeks to obtain a minimum of two additional aggregators to participate in the trial. To support the selection and registration of these aggregators, the following documents have been prepared:

Please note that documents are intended as a guide and may be subject to updates.

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