Planned Electricity Network Outages

The 13 month outage information for all TNSPs can be accessed via the Network Outage Schedule published on AEMO’s website and via the MMS Data Model; both are updated automatically every 30 minutes.

This information has been provided to AEMO by the TNSPs as required under clause 11.30.2 of the National Electricity Rules.

Questions regarding specific outages should be directed to the relevant TNSP contact in the first instance: 

Powerlink Queensland

Peter Christie


Geoff Cook

AusNet Services

Martin Cavanagh

ElectraNet SA

Duncan Ramsay


Alan Wang

Murraylink and Directlink

Stuart Coomber

Essential Energy

Bradley Vogel

Transmission Operations Australia

Andrew Franklin

Should you have any questions regarding constraint equations or Victorian limit equations please contact Ben Blake on 02 8884 5359 or

Please note the following method of accessing detailed information on constraint equations:

AEMO has developed a tool which allows users to view constraint equation IDs belonging to a constraint set ID, along with "Plain English" descriptions of constraint equations.

This tool is available to market participants via the MMS Web.

For details on getting access to the tool, please email the AEMO Information and Support Hub or call on 1300 236 600.

Please Note: As of 4 August 2014, SP Ausnet changed their trading name to Ausnet Services.

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