Forecasting Accuracy Reporting

AEMO is required under clause 3.13.3A(h) of the National Electricity Rules to prepare and publish information related to the accuracy of its inputs, demand and supply forecasts, and improvements that will apply to the next Electricity Statement of Opportunities. To meet these requirements, AEMO publishes a forecast accuracy report at least annually. In 2019, AEMO is inviting stakeholders to submit written feedback on any issues related to the improvement plan outlined in the report.

The 2019 report and its predecessors can be found below.

Review of Forecast Accuracy Metrics

In mid-2019 AEMO contracted University of Adelaide to undertake a review of the forecast accuracy metrics used in AEMO’s assessment of forecast performance. The review will inform future Forecast accuracy reports.

Download the Review of Forecast Accuracy Metrics report (5.49 MB, pdf).

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