Connections Simulation Tool FAQs

  • Is it mandatory to use the Connections Simulation Tool as part of the connection process?

    No.  The Connections Simulation Tool is an optional service.

  • If I use the Connections Simulation Tool will my application to connect be automatically approved?

    No.  The tool will enable users to fine-tune models significantly but does not eliminate the need for AEMO to formally assess the application as part of the connection process.  The expectation is that, by using the Connections Simulation Tool,  fewer iterations may be required to gain approval.

  • What model should I submit?

    When creating a case, the plant models and associated documentation should be consistent with AEMO's modelling guidelines for PSCAD v5 as described in Modelling requirements.

  • Why would my submitted case not be progressed?
    AEMO can support a set number of cases at any one time. Cases submitted will be assessed on a individually considering items such as the timing of the request, phase in the connections process, resource capacity, complexity, confidentiality considerations and any overdue payments.   Although AEMO will endeavour to support as many cases as possible, there may be times when cases cannot be supported, or will be placed on a backlog.  
  • Can Connections Simulation Tool results be included as evidence of plant performance in a connection application submission?

    The Connections Approval process is completely separate from the Connections Simulation Tool and it will not change assessments conducted by AEMO and the Network Service Providers (NSPs).   The tool enables proponents to fine-tune their models and relevant information may be submitted with connection applications if comprehensive context on the studies is also added.

  • Is there a standard list of measurements and faults for each region?

    Yes. There is a list of Standard Connections Simulation Tool measurements and faults that can be utilised within the tool. Other required disturbances can be requested through the Connections Simulation Tool case creation process.

  • Why is there is an application and recreate fee?

    Application and recreate fee cover the fixed cost that AEMO incurs to make the service available. 

  • Can I provide tool access to people outside my company?

    Yes. One user in each user company is nominated as the Participant Admin (PA).  They can grant access to their cases to anyone.  Any third-party user must be nominated in the Case Consent Form and must adhere to the Terms of Use and relevant NERs.

  • Why can’t I see all of the NEM model?

    The NEM four state model contains confidential information and as such is not shared. 

    The Connections Simulation Tool is also only available for the mainland NEM model.

  • What version of the PSCAD NEM 4 state model is used in the Connections Simulation Tool?

    The tool uses a model that aligns to the model used within AEMO to assess connections applications.  This model is updated regularly with recently committed plant and network augmentations.

  • What hours is support available?

    Support is available AEST business hours via

  • Can I turn the service off and back on when I need it?

    No, the service is designed to be available continuously, up to the time the user closes the case. That said, a case can be closed and then re-created some time later. Note that recreation attracts a Recreate Fee and timing may depend on AEMO resources.

  • Are there any skills or assumed knowledge required to use the Connections Simulation Tool?

     It is assumed that users are familiar with the NEM power system and are able to run EMT studies using PSCAD.

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