Gate Closure

Gate Closure is the latest point in time before the start of a Dispatch Interval that a Market Participant may submit a revised Real-Time Market Submission for that Dispatch Interval, other than for the purposes of:

  1. adjusting the Unconstrained Injection Forecast or Unconstrained Withdrawal Forecast for a Semi-Scheduled Facility or Non-Scheduled Facility;
  2. adjusting Available Capacity, In-Service Capacity and quantities in Price-Quantity Pairs for a Registered Facility that has suffered a Forced Outage, to reflect the Registered Facility’s Remaining Available Capacity under that Forced Outage;
  3. adjusting the Dispatch Inflexibility Profile of a Scheduled Facility or Semi-Scheduled Facility to reflect a delay in starting the Facility; or
  4. complying with clause 7.6.31(a) in respect of a Registered Facility that has become Inflexible.

In accordance with clause 7.4.30 of the WEM Rules AEMO must determine Gate Closure for the Real-Time Market and publish the Gate Closure on the WEM Website. 

AEMO may, from time to time, but subject to clauses 7.4.30 and 7.4.31, revise the Gate Closure by publishing on the WEM Website the revised Gate Closure and the date and time from which the revised Gate Closure will take effect and issuing a Market Advisory noting that AEMO has revised the Gate Closure.

Where AEMO revises the Gate Closure AEMO must publish a report on the WEM Website stating its reasons for revising the Gate Closure and its assessment of any change in quantifiable risks to Power System Security or Power System Reliability that may result from the revision.

Clause 1.44.1 of the WEM Rules requires AEMO to determine a Gate Closure of 15 minutes for the first 6 Trading Months commencing from the New WEM Commencement Day (1/10/2023). Thereafter AEMO may from time-to-time revise Gate Closure, subject to considerations in clauses 7.4.30 and 7.4.31.

Gate Closure determinations are listed below:

Effective Date

Gate Closure

Gate Closure Report


15 minutes


1See clause 1.44.1 of the WEM Rules.

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