Assignment of Capacity Credits

Capacity Credits are assigned to Facilities following trade declarations and the Reserve Capacity auction (if one is required).

This page provides information about Capacity Credits assigned for all Capacity Years since market start.

Capacity Credits assigned since market start

The number of Capacity Credits assigned to each Facility since market start is available below.

Capacity Credits assigned by Capacity Year

 Each year, AEMO publishes the number of Capacity Credits assigned to each Facility for the relevant Capacity Year.

Reserve Capacity Facility status

Appendix 3 of the WEM Rules details the steps involved in assigning Capacity Credits. Part of the prioritisation process when assigning Capacity Credits is the Facility’s Reserve Capacity status. For more information about AEMO’s assessment of a Facility’s Reserve Capacity status, please see Appendix 1 of the Market Procedure: Bilateral Trades and the Reserve Capacity Auction.

Progress Reports

A Reserve Capacity progress report allows AEMO to monitor the progress of a new Facility holding Capacity Credits but yet to commence operation. It provides Market Participants with an opportunity to submit an update to Key Project Dates for their Facility. For more information on the requirement to submit a progress report please refer to the Market Procedure: Reserve Capacity Performance Monitoring. The progress report template can be found below.

Government policy on capacity credits

In 2006, the Minister for Energy issued a Ministerial Direction that limited Synergy's (then Verve Energy) generation nameplate capacity. This direction was replaced in 2016, requiring Synergy to reduce its generation capacity (excluding renewable capacity) by 1 October 2018. The latest Ministerial Direction can be found below.

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