About the Gas Supply Hub (GSH)

AEMO implemented a Gas Supply Hub (GSH) at Wallumbilla in March 2014, at the request of the Council (the then Standing Council on Energy and Resources).

The GSH, which is an exchange for the wholesale trading of natural gas, was introduced to enable improved wholesale trading for an east coast gas market affected by significant liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports in Queensland. Through an electronic platform, GSH participants can trade standardised, short-term physical gas products at each of the three foundation pipelines connecting at Wallumbilla. AEMO centrally settles transactions, manages prudential requirements and provides reports to assist participants in managing their portfolio and gas delivery obligations.

In June 2016 a trading location at Moomba was established, enabling participants in southern markets to trade under the same market framework and rules as at Wallumbilla.

In March 2017 the three trading locations at Wallumbilla were replaced with a single Wallumbilla location, through what is known as the Optional Hub Services (OHS) model. A single trading location at Wallumbilla improves market liquidity allowing trading participants across different pipelines to more easily trade with each other.

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