Draft 2020 ISP Archive

Draft 2020 ISP and Non-Network Consultation Archive 

The Draft 2020 ISP was published on 12 Dec 2019, and has now been superseded.  The material included on this page is for archive and reference purposes only.  

AEMO completed a review of submissions to both the Draft 2020 ISP and Non-network consultations, outlining some of the key changes that were made to the ISP inputs and assumptions as a result of the consultation feedback in the April progress update. The June progress update includes an explanation of the development stages of Renewable Energy Zones (REZs):

Draft 2020 ISP

The Draft ISP sets out the optimal development path for Australia’s energy future. It aims to ensure Australians enjoy affordable, secure and reliable energy in future and for generations to come. 

The draft, for consultation, builds on the analysis of the inaugural 2018 ISP and follows considerable industry engagement on the design of forecasting and planning scenarios and sensitivities. 

Consultation on the Draft 2020 ISP

AEMO is developing and consulting on the Draft ISP at the same time as the Energy Security Board (ESB) is consulting on the Draft ISP Rules to make the ISP ‘actionable’. The intention is that the 2020 ISP, once finalised, will be deemed to have been prepared, consulted and published in accordance with the new ISP Rules on the date when those rules start. 

In addition, actionable ISP projects will be transitioned to the new regulatory framework, including those that commenced their RIT-T process under the current framework.  AEMO will therefore consult in accordance with the Draft ISP Rules requirements. To aid clarity, the following table summarises the various parallel consultations that occurred concurrently over the period December 2019 to March 2020.

Concurrent consultations December 2019 to March 2020 

Consultation Who Description Open Close
Draft ISP Rules ESB Converting the ISP into Action - Draft changes to the National Electricity Rules.  20-Nov-19 17-Jan-20
Draft ISP  AEMO General comments on the Integrated system plan for the NEM, draft report, including the proposed optimal development path.   12-Dec-19 21-Feb-20
QNI Medium & VNI West - Call for non-network options AEMO Submissions relating to non-network options for the QNI Medium and VNI West actionable ISP projects.   12-Dec-19 13-Mar-20
VNI West PSCR AEMO / TransGrid Project specification consultation report for the Vic-NSW Interconnector West RIT-T.              13-Dec-19 13-Mar-20
Forecasting and planning Inputs and Assumptions  AEMO Forecasting and Planning inputs and assumptions for 2020.              12-Dec-19 7-Feb-20

The consultation on the Draft 2020 ISP closed on 21 February 2020. The submissions can be found on the Draft 2020 ISP consultation web page.

Consultation on non-network options

The consultation on the Non-network options for the 2020 closed on 13 March 2020. Details (including submissions) are available at the following link:

The ISP Consultation Summary Report covering both network and non-network submissions for the ISP will be released mid-year, along with the Final 2020 ISP.

Supporting ISP Insights

An Insights paper was released in July 2019, providing new perspectives and deeper analysis on the important role pumped hydro energy storage (PHES) and strategic transmission developments can play in lowering costs to consumers and increasing the resilience of the National Electricity Market (NEM).

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