CER Data Exchange Industry Co-Design

Providing value to all consumers through coordinating flexible CER requires industry organisations to connect, share data and coordinate operations securely.

Currently, CER devices are coordinated by energy service providers through a growing number of point-to-point connections. This arrangement risks creating a fragmented energy systems and limits CER customers’ ability to maximise the benefits from their investment.
In partnership with AusNet Services, the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) is conducting a collaborative co-design process for the first stage of the development of a national consumer energy resources data exchange (CER Data Exchange). The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) is supporting this initiative through a grant from its Advancing Renewables Program.

The CER Data Exchange is a key enabler to a customer-centric, flexible and dynamic, and data-enabled electricity system. It is a crucial next step in CER Integration for the energy transition.

The Project will take a highly collaborative approach with industry stakeholders to develop the high-level design and Implementation Roadmap for a national CER Data Exchange. Co-designing the CER Data Exchange is not possible without collaborating with a broad range of industry representatives.

Numerous options for participation and input into this process are available:

  • Receiving email notifications of project updates
  • Submitting a response to the public consultation process
  • Participating in Industry Workshops
  • Contributing to the Expert Working Group*

For more information on any of the above participation options, please refer to the slide presentation below.

If you missed the signup link and are interested in being involved, please register here:

*Please note that registrations for the Expert Working Group will close on Friday 21st June.

CER Data Exchange Industry Co-design Webinar

On June 6th, we hosted a public webinar to introduce the Project leads and to provide an overview of the project, the desired outcomes and how to get involved. The recording and presentation can be accessed in the links below.

For any questions regarding the CER Data Exchange project, please email cerdataexchange@aemo.com.au 

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