Improving DER capability

As part of the Distributed Energy Resources (DER) program, AEMO has commenced a program of work called the DER Standards Stream. This workstream aims to improve the performance and capability of DER in ways that are consistent across the energy system.

AEMO welcomes the opportunity to work in partnership with other parties to make changes in the most effective way to deliver outcomes to consumers, and will continue to engage extensively with consumer representatives and stakeholders across industry in the DER Standards Stream.

The first report in this stream is the Technical Integration of Distributed Energy Resources Report.

This report shares AEMO’s preliminary findings to date on the behaviour of DER during disturbances, and proposes the development of improved DER performance standards and DER dynamic models. This is an area of significant learning internationally, and understanding will evolve over time.

After collecting initial insights across a range of collaborative programs and sources, AEMO is sharing this report to:

  • Facilitate stakeholder input, providing new perspectives and ideas.
  • Identify further collaborative opportunities that could shed light on these topics.
  • Provide a strong foundation for informed discussion on the complex issues involved in developing and implementing solutions.

Stakeholders are invited to provide responses to the questions raised in this report via by 10 May 2019. AEMO will also be engaging with stakeholders both independently and via workshops. Parties interested in attending a consultation session should also contact the above email address.

This report represents the first step in an ongoing program of analysis and stakeholder engagement around these operational topics, seeking input into the development of improved DER performance standards and accurate dynamic models that facilitate secure, reliable, and affordable operation of a high DER power system.

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