Real Time Market Submissions

The Real Time Market Submission (RTMS) project will transform the way that Market Participants make Submissions in the new Real-Time Market.

The current submission structures for the Balancing and LFAS Markets are fundamentally different to what is required to support the new SCED Market design. The RTMS project will develop a new submission mechanism for both Energy and ESS (Regulation Raise/Lower, Contingency Raise/Lower, and Rate of Change of Frequency (RoCoF) bids and offers.

Submissions made by Market Participants will be validated and, if valid, sent to the Dispatch Engine which will use them to determine the lowest overall cost of Dispatch to the Market.

RTMS will provide new submission functionalities for Market Participants and will allow: 

  • Market Participants to make Standing and Variation Real-Time Market Submissions for Energy and Essential System Services (ESS), both via a Web User Interface (UI) and an Application Programming Interface (API). Submissions can be made for multiple Facilities Real-Time Market Services in one go.
  • AEMO to validate these submissions and to inform Market Participants of the validation results (including a list of all errors when a submission is rejected), 
  • AEMO to store all submissions, acknowledgements, validation responses and relevant metadata for reference, audit, and market compliance purposes, 
  • Both AEMO and Market Participants to view, query and download the submission data, and any related responses held by AEMO (both via the dedicated UI and APIs), and 
  • The latest submission data to be made available to the Dispatch Engine in a suitable format for the purposes of both Dispatch and Pre-Dispatch.

The new system will feature a new more user-friendly Market Participant User Interface, which will be accessible in WEMS MPI. Also, new API endpoints will be created and made available to Market Participants to send submissions and querying data.

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