WEM Reform Procedures

The WEM Rules are operationalised through WEM Procedures, which contain more procedural and methodological detail than the WEM Rules and are amended more frequently. 

Under the pre-reform WEM Balancing Market arrangements, AEMO was required to create and publish Power System Operations Procedures (PSOPs) and Market Procedures, which outlined operational and administrative processes and placed obligations on both AEMO and Rule Participants as required under the WEM Rules. WEM Reform brings significant changes to the WEM including changes to the WEM Rules and AEMO’s functions as market operator.

As a result, AEMO has been required to make significant amendments to 26 existing Market Procedures and PSOPs (now referred to as WEM Procedures) and create approximately 24 new WEM Procedures.

A list of all of AMEO's current published WEM Procedures can be found here

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