Market observations for Q1 2019

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AEMO’s latest Quarterly Energy Dynamics Report covering Q1 2019 continues to underscore the pace at which the well-documented energy transition is occurring, driven by new technology, the ongoing changing generation mix and evolving consumer expectations.

The report found that last quarter was one of records for the energy industry, with January 2019 officially noted as Australia’s hottest-ever month. During that period, Queensland set an all-time maximum demand record of 10,044 MW, 246 MW higher than its previous record, while South Australia set a new Q1 minimum demand record of 695 MW, 25 MW lower than its previous record.

Reflecting the ongoing impact of the energy transition and the National Electricity Market (NEM)’s changing supply mix, the quarter saw a 37% increase in average large-scale renewable generation and gas-powered generation (GPG), with the latter reversing its downward trend in 2018, reflecting its increasing peaking role.

On 25 January 2019, GPG recorded its third highest NEM daily contribution and the highest Victorian GPG day on record, off the back of extreme weather conditions which led to AEMO activating Reliability and Emergency Reserve Trader contracts and issuing directions to shed load.

Frequency control ancillary services prices were also down 37% this quarter, corresponding with increased competition through two new entrants.  

In Western Australia, summer peak demand fell to winter peak demand levels, despite being a traditionally summer peaking state, largely due to the state’s relatively mild summer conditions and increased penetration of rooftop PV.

Read the full report for more in-depth analysis of the quarter that was.

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