AER investigation report into South Australia's 2016 state-wide blackout

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The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) acknowledges the release of the Australian Energy Regulator’s (AER) Black System compliance report.

AEMO completed its own review in March 2017, which determined there was nothing operationally AEMO could have implemented to prevent the event. The AER’s report confirms this.  

In March 2017, AEMO identified 19 separate actions to further enhance power system security following the extreme event. All of these recommendations have been implemented. 

“The management of 24/7 real-time power system operations is extremely complex,” said Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Ms Audrey Zibelman.  

“It is critical our operators are enabled with the tools and decision-making flexibility to manage real-time events in ordinary and extreme circumstances. In this dynamic and changing industry, we are continuously looking for ways to evolve and improve our operations,” said Ms Zibelman.  

AEMO notes the AER’s report identifies some administrative improvements that AEMO will look at implementing. The AER also suggests other areas for consideration by the AEMC, and we will work through these with our fellow market bodies. 

Importantly, AEMO recognises the AER will release a further report in 2019 focused on analysing the cause of the Black System event, and we look forward to reviewing these critical findings in due course.

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