VNI West submissions review underway

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AEMO Victorian Planning (AVP) and Transgrid thank stakeholders for being part of our ongoing consultation program to identify a preferred option for the Victoria to New South Wales West (VNI West) project.

We acknowledge that the regulated process for this critical infrastructure, beginning in 2019, is complex and drawn out. Further, it also limits the information and advice that can be provided at this stage.

We’re pleased to confirm that the stakeholder engagement program on the Consultation Report – including stakeholder events, community drop-in sessions, webinars and briefings with Traditional Owners, councils and stakeholders – has resulted in more than 500 submissions.

The Consultation Report was developed in response to stakeholders’ feedback to the VNI West Project Assessment Draft Report (PADR), including investigating alternative options to connect VNI West with the Western Renewables Link (WRL) transmission project.

Stakeholder submissions will be assessed and contribute to the final stage of the investment test, the Project Assessment Conclusions Report (PACR), which is due in the next month. All non-confidential submissions will be published on our dedicated VNI West webpage.

The PACR will identify a preferred network option with a broad area of interest for the project. This could possibly span 10 to 50 kilometres in width, which will be refined to the final route based on further assessments and important stakeholder input, including direct engagement with landholders.

The landholder consultation will involve landholder liaison officers working directly with landholders to understand constraints on their land.

In Victoria, AVP and its contractors will adhere to expectations as per the Essential Services Commission’s Code of Practice for land access expected in 2023, including respecting biosecurity requirements.

Transgrid has established The Office of the Landowner and Community Advocate to help implement the best possible landowner and community engagement practices across all major transmission projects.

If infrastructure is likely to be housed on a property, a dedicated landholder liaison officer will be assigned, who can discuss the individual implications and potential compensation.

This will happen before the final transmission design is finalised and route is selected.

Useful information

Below is a broad range of project information, webinar recordings and associated Q&As, along with useful fact sheets on transmission infrastructure.

AVP and Transgrid again thank all stakeholders that have been involved in this process to identify a preferred solution for VNI West, which will provide a vital new transmission line to link new renewable generators with the grid and ensure reliable, affordable power as Australia transitions to clean, low-cost renewables.

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