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Australia’s energy sector is undergoing significant change, creating new opportunities and challenges for everyone involved.

Over the past year or so, heightened community concerns about energy security and affordability have thrust the industry into the national spotlight like never before. It started with storms and blackouts in South Australia in September 2016, and since then, energy has never been far from the headlines.

It’s more important than ever before for people to have access to and ability to get information that is independent and unbiased in what has often been a highly charged political and operational environment.

As the broader Australian public has taken much more notice about energy, we have been thoughtful about a digital platform that could give us the opportunity to create a dynamic, relevant and stimulating place for all our stakeholders – a place where everyone can develop an informed view and have a conversation about energy.

Over the past six months we have carefully researched the information expectations of the broader Australian public and have contrasted this with existing information that is available. There is definitely a strong need to simplify and explain some of the complex issues in energy.

I truly believe our unique position as the independent market operator provides us the opportunity to help everyone understand the issues for themselves, and have a much more informed opinion about energy.

Using our research and content strategy as our foundation, we have designed this digital platform which we are calling AEMO Energy Live.

AEMO Energy Live provides a unique opportunity to unpack and explain complex technical material in an easy to access and creative format. It increases the visibility of energy market operations for everyone and improves transparency of this critical function.

I invite you to explore AEMO Energy Live for yourself and let us know what you think about our exciting new digital platform.

Audrey Zibelman

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