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The Wholesale Electricity Market (WEM) AEMO Procedure Change Working Group (APCWG) was established by the Market Advisory Committee (MAC) in June 2017.

The purpose of the APCWG is to assist the MAC in fulfilling its obligation under clause 2.3.1(b) of the Market Rules to provide advice to AEMO (including in its capacity as System Management) on Procedure Change Proposals.

List of Working Group Members

The APCWG has a Chair appointed by AEMO.

To accommodate the broad range of subject matter to be covered, the APCWG has no permanent members apart from the Chair. Instead the Minister for Energy, the Economic Regulation Authority, the Rule Change Panel and each Rule Participant may:

  • nominate a representative to attend an APCWG meeting;
  • with the permission of the APCWG Chair (which will not be unreasonably withheld), send additional representatives to an APCWG meeting; and
  • register to receive information relating to the activities of the APCWG.

Other stakeholders may attend APCWG meetings or register to receive information relating to the activities of the APCWG following approval of the APCWG Chair.

For further information

Please direct any queries regarding WEM AEMO procedure changes to wem.apcwg@aemo.com.au


Records of WEM APCWG Meetings

Meeting archive

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