Stage 3 - Application

Submitting an application to connect initiates key activities in the connection process. Connection Applicants should submit their application to the connecting Network Service Provider (NSP), together with any specific documents and information the connecting NSP has requested. Typically, data submitted will include proposed performance standards.

The connecting NSP will then perform connection studies, and will forward some of the information and the proposed performance standards to AEMO.

AEMO’s role is to review and negotiate performance standards with the Connection Applicant and the connecting NSP. Once performance standards are agreed, they become the agreed performance standards for the facility to be built.

In support of an application to connect, AEMO will typically require:

  • Proposed performance standards – completed Performance Standards template (see Documents checklist below for templates relating to your connection type).
  • Description of the proposed installation, including data requirements outlined in Schedules 5.4 and 5.5 of the National Electricity Rules (Rules).
  • Model package, including simulation models and associated design data (see AEMO’s Modelling requirements page for more details on the data and model packages required).
  • Project and commissioning programs.

The proposed performance standards must be consistent with the access standards detailed in the relevant Schedules of Chapter 5 of the Rules.

If AEMO’s technical information requirements are not met, the application to connect is not complete. The connecting NSP will advise the Connection Applicant of the additional information required before the application to connect can be processed.

AEMO’s costs will be recovered through the connecting NSP, who will invoice the Connection Applicant directly.

This stage will conclude upon AEMO’s notification to the connecting NSP of AEMO’s agreement to the performance standards and any system strength remediation scheme (clause 5.3.4A and 5.3.4B of the Rules).

  • Roles and responsibilities summary

    AEMO: reviews submitted proposed performance standards, and takes part in performance standards negotiations to the extent required by the Rules.

    NSP: receives and reviews submitted data, forwards proposed performance standards and necessary information to AEMO and other affected NSPs, and undertakes technical studies and provides study results to AEMO and other affected NSPs.

    Connection Applicant: submits connection application and required information (including proposed performance standards) to the connecting NSP, provides clarification on the submitted data if requested, and participates in the negotiation of performance standards.

Documents checklist

You will require the following documents for this stage:

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