Transmission and distribution in the NEM - process overview

These pages provide a general description of the process of establishing or modifying an existing connection, including alterations to connected generating plant. The process applies to both transmission and distribution connections. Some details depend on the relevant connecting NSP’s processes, and will differ between regions of the NEM.

See AEMO’s pages on transmission connections in Victoria and the websites of relevant NSPs for more details on their processes.

1. Pre-feasibility

Explore the feasibility of your project and begin discussions with the connecting NSP, landowners, and relevant government authorities.

AEMO’s role: provide transmission network data if requested.

2. Enquiry

Submit a connection enquiry to the connecting NSP to determine the information required to submit an application to connect.

AEMO’s role: provide transmission network data if requested.

3. Application

Submit application to connect to the connecting NSP to initiate key activities for a new/modified transmission or distribution connection.

AEMO’s role: review and respond to the connecting NSP regarding any proposed negotiated standards that are AEMO advisory matters.

4. Contracts

Having received a complete application to connect, the connecting NSP prepares an offer to connect.

AEMO’s role: receive 5.7.3(g) notification from the connecting NSP within 20 business days from execution of the connection agreement.

5. Construction

The construction stage begins after all contracts have been executed. The Connection Applicant completes and implements designs, prepares commissioning programs, and finalises supporting information.

AEMO’s role: receive commissioning plans, and energy conversion model data (semi-scheduled plant), etc.

6. Completion

Finalise registration application requirements, provide commissioning plans, and test results.

AEMO’s role: review and approve commissioning plans, process applications for registration, review performance at successive hold points.


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