Stage 1 - Pre-feasibility

This stage is optional, as the National Electricity Rules (Rules) do not require Connection Applicants to follow this stage.

Connection Applicants are encouraged to explore the feasibility of their project and begin discussions with AEMO, landowners, and relevant government authorities.

During this stage, AEMO’s role is to provide transmission network data for potential applicants, if requested (see AEMO’s Network Data Provision policy).

To receive transmission network data from AEMO, Connection Applicants must be a registered participant or intending participant (see AEMO’s Registration pages).

AEMO encourages prospective applicants to contact AEMO at the earliest opportunity. AEMO can provide applicants with comprehensive information about connections, including:

  • Explanation of the connection process and the regulatory framework.
  • Indicative timeline to process an application to connect.
  • Connection fees and charges.
  • High-level technical information.
  • Information that may assist in determining the location of the proposed connection.

Connection Applicants should discuss with AEMO the proposed location of their installation and where they would like to connect to the transmission network. They should also explore land and land use planning issues to avoid delays.

Roles and responsibilities summary

AEMO: manages the connection process and is a primary point of contact, and provides transmission network data to potential Connection Applicants upon request.

Connection Applicant: starts preliminary discussions with AEMO and investigates project feasibility with other relevant authorities.

Documents checklist

You may require the following documents for this stage:


  For more information, you can email:

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