Stage 3 - Application

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Submitting an application to connect initiates key activities in the connection process. Connection Applicants should submit their application to AEMO Victorian Planning and Connections, together with all required information. 

In support of an application to connect, we will typically require: 

  • Completed Application to Connect Form
  • Proposed switching arrangement for connection to the Declared Shared Network (DSN).
  • The location of the proposed connection point.
  • Proposed Performance Standards – completed Performance Standards template
  • Description of the proposed installation, including data requirements outlined in the Schedules 5.4 and 5.5 of National Electricity Rules (Rules). 
  • Model package, including simulation models and associated design data (see AEMO’s Modelling requirements page for more details on the data and model packages required). 
  • Project and commissioning programs. 
  • Any other requirements stipulated in the Enquiry Response.

The proposed Performance Standards must be consistent with the Access Standards detailed in the relevant Schedules of Chapter 5 of the Rules. 

We will advise you of the additional information required before the application can be processed. The requirements of a complete application are covered in the Connection Application Checklist. 

We will assess the application to connect together with the proposed Performance Standards. 

Once reviewed, we will notify you of our approval to the Performance Standards (clause 5.3.4A) and the outcome of the System Strength Impact Assessment with any requirement for System Strength Remediation (clause 5.3.4B). 

We will also assess the need for network augmentations and their contestability. 


  For more information, you can email:

  Victorian transmission connection Email us



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