5.3.9 Process – Altering a generating system

Connection Applicants must submit a Connection Application/Alteration form to begin the process of proposing to alter an existing generating system. The Altering of a Generating System procedure is a formal process under Clause 5.3 and is commonly referred to as the 5.3.9 Process.

From this point onwards, the process is prescribed by Chapter 5 of the Rules. Refer to the AEMC National Electricity Rules Chapter 5, Clause 5.3.9 for more details on the procedure to be followed.

Victorian Planning & Connections recommends engaging early with our team to assist with your submission and allow us to plan resources to support your 5.3.9 request.

To assist in the 5.3.9 process, please provide the following:

  • Fill completed Connection Application/Alteration form.
  • Create a letter including background of the generating system, existing arrangements [Single line diagram (SLD), Generator Performance Standards (GPS)], communication chart, provide a timing schedule, scope of works and description of change.
  • Also refer to National Electricity Rules Chapter 5, Clause 5.3.9 Section B and the Connection Application Checklist for full details of what is required for your submission.


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