Exemptions for WEM Rule Participant registration

This page provides an overview of exemptions from registration as a Rule Participant in the Wholesale Electricity Market (WEM). Further details are provided in the Rule Participant Registration and Deregistration Procedure.

Applying for an exemption based on the appointment of an intermediary 

Facilities that are owned, controlled or operated by multiple people or organisations can appoint one organisation to act as an intermediary, who becomes the Rule Participant for the purposes of the WEM Rules.

In this instance, AEMO can exempt the other organisations from being Rule Participants.

Applying for an exemption as a Market Generator

In addition to intermediary-based exemptions, people or organisations who own, control or operate a generation system that has a rated capacity equal to or exceeding 10MW may also apply for an exemption to register as a Rule Participant under clause 2.28.16B of the WEM Rules. 

The following form is used by such organisations to apply for an exemption.

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