Register as a Rule Participant in the WEM

This page provides an overview of the processes and tasks required to register as a Rule Participant in the Wholesale Electricity Market (WEM).

Registration occurs in two steps: firstly, applying for access to the Wholesale Electricity Market System (WEMS); then, once access has been approved, applying for registration through the WEMS Market Participant Interface (MPI).

Category and classification

To confirm you are registering in the correct category for the WEM, visit Rule Participant Classes.

Some participants may be exempt from registering; see Exemptions for Rule Participant Registration in the WEM for more details.

Applying for WEMS access

These are the forms and documents needed to apply for WEMS access, which is the first stage in becoming a Rule Participant.

Applying for WEMS access also requires the nomination of a MarketParticipant Administrator (MPA). The MPA has user management and access rights, as well as some limited management of RSA tokens, which provide secure authentication into WEMS.

Application forms

The Application for WEMS Access Form and Market Participant Administrator Nomination Form must be completed and submitted to MarketOperations (WA).

Supporting documents

Users will need an RSA token to access the WEMS. The forms to request a token for WEMS access can be submitted with the MPA nomination form, or at a later date.

WEMS token request

This form must be completed and sent to AEMO for new WEMS users.Once the form has been received, an RSA token will be sent to the user to allow access into the WEMS system.

Registering as a Rule Participant

Once the forms have been submitted and approved by AEMO, you will have access to WEMS MPI and can begin the next steps of the registration process.

Registration documents

To register, the following information must be provided in WEMS:

  • Participant general information
  • Participant financial details
  • Market Customer standing data (for applicants wishing to register as a Market Customer)

Once this is approved, the applicant will complete the Application for Participant Registration through the MPI.

Fees and charges

Participants must pay a fee to register, and this is outlined on the Fees and Charges page.

Supporting documents

These documents must be supplied either with your application form, or beforehand, as they support your application for registration.

Recipient created tax invoices (RCTI)

The Recipient Created Tax Invoice (RCTI) document allows AEMO to issue a Tax Invoice on your behalf for transactions in the WEMS. It also allows you to create a Tax Invoice on behalf of AEMO for payment of fees.

Declaration of Rule Participant registration

This form is a declaration of intention to register in a Rule Participant class in the WEM.

Registration process

Information about the process for WEMS access and Rule Participant registration is provided in the Rule Participant Registration and Deregistration Procedure.

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