Market Readiness Engagement and Reporting


AEMO has adopted a Market Readiness Engagement & Reporting Strategy, which commits it to a range of activities to manage, coordinate, inform, monitor and report on the operational preparedness of AEMO, Market Participants and other key stakeholders for running and participating in the new SCED market and the modified RCM.

In accordance with the Strategy, AEMO conducts a periodic Market Readiness Survey, which invites Market Participants, Western Power and the Economic Regulation Authority (ERA) to submit information on their readiness status and progress. AEMO aggregates this information to produce a Market Readiness Report. AEMO also has requirements to report on progress to the Minister for Energy and uses the Market Readiness Reports as source material to ensure consistency and transparency.

Our reporting framework proceeds in two stages with general readiness reporting introduced first, concerning the overall progress and status of each party's work program. Stage 1 reporting commenced in June 2021, with the last Market Readiness Report in this stage due to be released in early June 2022. In the second stage, respondents will be asked to assess the progress and status of work to establish key capabilities related to the new market arrangements. Stage 2 readiness reporting is scheduled to commence in late July 2022. Consultation on Criteria for Market Readiness Reporting.

Consultation on Criteria for Market Readiness Reporting

AEMO has prepared a consultation paper setting out its proposed approach to the second stage of our Market Readiness Reporting. The paper proposes specific readiness criteria to form the basis for a revised bimonthly Market Readiness Survey. Stakeholders are invited to provide feedback on our Criteria for Market Readiness Reporting Consultation Paper, by email to by Monday 20 June 2022. The consultation paper can be downloaded at the link provided below:

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