Applying to be a Project Developer in the NEM

This page outlines the requirements for applying to be a Project Developer in the National Electricity Market (NEM).

From 19 December 2019, developers will be able to apply to access relevant system information. Under clause 3.13.3AA(b) of the National Electricity Rules, a person may apply to AEMO to be a project developer if that person is not otherwise a Registered Participant; and intends to develop plant to be connected to the transmission or distribution system in respect of which another person must or may be registered as a Registered Participant.

Complete this application form if the intention is to develop the project and then sell the asset to another person. The project developer does not intend be an Intending Participant or Generator in respect of the plant. A project developer is given access to certain network data. This allows them to carry out power system modelling to perform planning and operational activities. You must specify the plant in which you are registering as a project developer.

If another person registers as an Intending Participant or Generator in respect of the same plant, AEMO will revoke the Project Developer status in respect of the plant.

If a special purpose vehicle (SPV) is established for the project, please submit an Intending Participant application.

Application documents

These are the documents needed when applying.

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