Register as a Customer in the NEM

This page outlines the requirements for registering as a Customer in the National Electricity Market (NEM).

A Customer is a registered participant that purchases electricity supplied through a transmission or distribution system to a connection point. Retailers and end users who buy electricity in the spot market must be registered as Market Customers.

A Market Customer can deliver market ancillary services in accordance with the National Electricity Rules and AEMO’s market ancillary services specifications, by classifying their market load or an aggregation of their market load as an ancillary service load (ASL).

Participants who are already registered as a Customer in the NEM, and who wish to change their scheduled bid and offer data, should visit the Changing Scheduled Bid, Valuation Data and Offer Valuation Data page.

This page also provides information for participants, who are already registered as a Market Customer, classifying market load as ancillary service load (ASL).

Note: Once your first application to classify non-scheduled ASL has been approved, to amend or classify new ASL, you will be required to manage your applications through the Portfolio Management System (PMS). Applications to classify scheduled load as ASL are not managed through PMS.

Registration documents

These are the documents needed for registration.

Ancillary Service Load Classification Documents 

These documents are needed to classify your market load, scheduled load as ASL:

These documents are needed to classify your first non-scheduled market load as ASL.

These documents are needed when you already have a classified ASL and you want to amend or classify new non-scheduled market load as ASL.

The following must be submitted to AEMO, using the Portfolio Management System.

Information for existing VPP Demonstration Trial Participants that are registered as a Market Customer. 

If you are an existing VPP Demonstration Trial Participant, your portfolio has been loaded into the Portfolio Management System (PMS). If you are seeking to amend your existing trial facility, please submit an application using PMS.

If you are seeking to terminate the classification of some of the loads aggregated within an existing VPP Facility and classify those market loads as a new MASS compliant ancillary service load please use the VPP Transition Letter to provide information on your intention to declassify and submit your application via PMS, using Guide to change or classify new Ancillary Service Loads in the NEM.

If your amendment application in PMS includes a termination of classification of all loads aggregated within a DUID please use the VPP Transition Letter to inform AEMO of your intention to declassify all loads and decommission the DUID. 

For more information please see the Market Ancillary Service Specification and the Guide to Transitional Arrangements for VPP Demonstration Participants.

Supporting documents

Any document shown in this section is required in support of your application or to assist.

Technical requirements and performance standards

Applicants must confirm they meet the technical requirements, design standards and provide the information set out in the National Electricity Rules (NER), in particular Chapter 5 and Schedule 5.3 (Conditions for connection of Customers). Sufficient evidence must be provided to demonstrate compliance. Refer to the registration guide above for more information.

Applicants must attach the agreed performance standards for their plant and provide sufficient evidence to demonstrate compliance.

Credit support

Participants may need to provide credit support to AEMO. All Financial guarantees must be in the prescribed format. AEMO advises applicants to contact to discuss requirements prior to completing the AEMO Guarantee Pro Forma. You must submit an original signed AEMO Guarantee Pro Forma with your registration application. 

The Credit support management guide contains information on AEMO's credit support processes and participant obligations.

Settlement Residue Auctions (SRAs)

To participate in Settlement Residue Auctions, you must first meet the eligibility criteria, as outlined in the following guides.

If you meet the eligibility criteria, please complete the Auction Participant Agreement to participate in the SRA and be eligible for registration as a Trader.

Trustee deed

Where the Applicant is acting in a trustee capacity, they must complete and return the following Trustee Deed form. No changes can be made to the Trustee Deed other than the completion of details where highlighted.

When completing the form, a number of fields will update automatically when printed. To update the fields without printing, please press <Ctrl> + ‘P’ to simulate printing, then press <Esc> to return to the document without printing.

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