Optional firm access

Optional firm access final report

AEMO was asked by the Standing Council on Energy and Resources (SCER – renamed the COAG Energy Council in late 2013) to investigate and make recommendations on the Optional Firm Access (OFA) package proposed by the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) in their Transmission Frameworks Review in April 2013.

With recent inefficient dispatch episodes dominated by issues beyond the scope of access settlement, AEMO chose not to promote stage one, and to bring its formal work to a close with this March 2015 report. The AEMC will continue to work on the full OFA proposal, with AEMO providing a technical support role.

This report also contains:

  • An implementation cost estimate.
  • A transition plan for the settlement residue auction.
  • Proposals for new market information.
Optional Firm Access Final Report
26 March 2015 | 2 MB (.pdf)

The SCER’s request to AEMO can be found here, and the AEMC's related request is here.

Optional firm access draft report

AEMO published these draft reports and submissions before the final report was completed.

Optional Firm Access Draft Report
23 December 2014 | 2 MB (.pdf)
OFA Draft Report CS Energy Submission
10 February 2015 | 430 KB (.pdf)
OFA Draft Report Stanwell Submission
9 February 2015 | 127 KB (.pdf)
OFA Draft Report SHL Submission
9 February 2015 | 147 KB (.pdf)
OFA Draft Report Origin Submission
9 February 2015 | 123 KB (.pdf)
OFA Draft Report Alinta Submission
3 February 2015 | 240 KB (.pdf)

Optional firm access first interim report

Optional Firm Access First Interim Report
24 July 2014 | 807 KB (.pdf)

Supplementary Stanwell Submission
24 November 2014 | 855 KB (.pdf)

Origin – AEMO – Optional Firm Access – First Interim Report – 20140904 (FINAL)
5 September 2014 | 139 KB (.pdf)
Stanwell Submission to AEMO first interim report on OFA Design and testing
5 September 2014 | 2.57 MB (.pdf)
CS Energy Submission
23 September 2014 | 797 KB (.pdf)
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