Managing market information

AEMO publishes a variety of information and documents on this website, including information the WEM Rules require us to publish.

Since the commencement of energy trading in the Wholesale Electricity Market (WEM), this website has been continually revised to improve the provision of relevant information to market participants and to the public.

If you are seeking information that does not appear in this section of the website, or the Market Data Site, please contact AEMO at

Market information confidentiality

Under the WEM Rules, AEMO develops and publishes a list of all market-related information and documents produced or exchanged in accordance with the WEM Rules or Market Procedures.

In general, a rule participant must not provide information or documents of a given confidentiality status to any person who is not a member of a class able to receive that document.

There are six confidentiality classes, into which all documents and information relating to the operation of the WEM and the WEM Rules must be classified:

  1. Public.
  2. Rule Participant Market Restricted.
  3. Rule Participant Dispatch Restricted.
  4. System Management Confidential.
  5. IMO and AEMO Confidential.
  6. Rule Participant Network Restricted.

AEMO has prepared a list of market documents and the confidentiality status of each, as at 1 July 2012.

Confidentiality Status Publication [729kB]. This document is published pursuant to clauses 10.5.1(a)(ii) and 10.2.1 of the WEM Rules.

Application for additional information

Should any person require information or documents relating to the WEM which is unavailable on this website or through the WEM system (WEMS), they can apply to the AEMO under clause 10.4.1 of the WEM Rules for the release of that information. It should be noted, however, that AEMO can only release information or documents subject to the person being a member of the class of persons able to view the information, based on its confidentiality status.

Under clause 10.4.1 of the WEM Rules, AEMO may recover any costs associated with an application for the release of information where these costs are not otherwise included in the AEMO's budget, including costs related to the:

  • Collation and transmission of information or documents.
  • Preparation of documents not otherwise required by the WEM Rules, applicable law, or regulation.

AEMO will provide a quote for each application, on the basis of the time estimated for the completion of the request and any external resources required.

Requests should be submitted to:

PO Box 7096
Cloisters Square, Perth, WA 6850

Phone: (08) 9469 9800
Fax: (03) 9609 8080

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