Managing market information

Information that is required to be produced, exchanged or disclosed under the Wholesale Electricity Market Rules (WEM Rules) is defined as ‘Market Information’. Chapter 10 of the WEM Rules governs the management of Market Information, which may be classified as either ‘Public Information’ or ‘Confidential Information’.

Where Market Information is classified as Confidential Information, in general, a Rule Participant must not provide the information to another person, unless one of the exceptions in section 10.4 of the WEM Rules applies.

Public Information is able to be provided to any person by any person. The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) publishes a variety of Public Information and documents on this website (the WEM Website). Access to additional Market Information may be requested under Chapter 10 of the WEM Rules and will be made available to the requesting party where required under the WEM Rules.

Before requesting Market Information, please be sure to search the WEM Website or the Market Data Site as a first step. If you are seeking access to Market Information that does not appear on AEMO’s website, including the Market Data Site, please see the section below on how to request access to Market Information.

Market information confidentiality

AEMO is preparing a list of Market Information for which it has determined it is the ‘Information Manager’. The list will include the confidentiality status of types of Market Information under the new WEM Rules and will be published on this website pursuant to clause 10.4.5 of the WEM Rules.

AEMO is also required to continue to publish the confidentiality status of Market Information under the Pre-Amended WEM Rules. The legacy Confidentiality Status Publication [729kB] is published pursuant to clause 1.58.2 of the WEM Rules.

Application for additional information

Should any person require Market Information that is not available on this WEM Website or through the WEM system (WEMS), they can apply to the AEMO under clause 10.4.6 of the WEM Rules for that information to be disclosed. Please note that a request submitted under clause 10.4.6 must specify the details of how the request meets any of the criteria specified in clause 10.4.19.

Under clauses 10.4.7 and 10.4.8 of the WEM Rules, AEMO may recover any costs associated with an application for the release of information where these costs are not otherwise included in the AEMO's budget, including costs related to the:

  • Collation and transmission of information or documents.
  • Preparation of documents not otherwise required by the WEM Rules, applicable law, or regulation.

If AEMO determines that it will recover costs associated with the request, it will provide a quote for each application, on the basis of the time estimated for the completion of the request and any external resources required.

Requests for Market Information should be submitted to:


Phone: (08) 9469 9800
Fax: (03) 9609 8080

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