GPS Framework

Chapter 3A of the WEM Rules details the requirements for Transmission Connected Generating Systems which includes the process for:

Click on each link to view the details page for each process.

  • To support the regulatory obligations in the mentioned processes, AEMO has developed the GPS System. Please click here to find out more about the GPS System.
  • Appendix 12 of the WEM Rules lists each of the Technical Requirements for Transmission Connected Generating Systems and sets out the levels of Generator Performance Standards for each Technical Requirement. Click here for further details. 
  • Generating Systems connecting to distribution network, as well as a Transmission Connected Generating System with an exemption from WEM Rules Chapter 3A and Appendix 12 will refer to Western Power’s Technical Rules for the applicable generator performance standards and compliance monitoring program.
  • Clauses 1.38 to 1.42 of the WEM Rules detail transitional arrangements for Transmission Connected Generating Systems with connection agreements that existed prior to 1 February 2021.  This covers the process for establishing a Registered GPS and Generator Monitoring Plan.
  • For information on the implementation of the arbitral dispute resolution mechanism applicable to the resolution of disputes arising in relation to Registered GPS and Generator Monitoring Plans for Existing Transmission Connected Generating Systems, please refer to the Coordinator of Energy website.
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