Victorian gas operations

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AEMO’s functions under the National Gas Law (NGL) include controlling the security and operation of the Victorian Gas Declared Transmission System (DTS) and scheduling the Victorian Declared Wholesale Gas Market (DWGM). These functions include gas quality and emergency management, and reviewing the adequacy of gas supply and pipeline capacity for the DTS.

Gas Emergency Management

In Victoria, AEMO operates the Declared Transmission System (DTS) and plays a pivotal role in the management of, response to, and recovery from gas emergencies. More information can be found at the link below.

Winter Gas Operations

Previous Years

Victorian Gas Planning

AEMO prepares and publishes the Victorian Gas Planning Report (VGPR) as the operator of the Victorian gas Declared Transmission System (DTS) under the National Gas Rule (NGR) 323.

Gas Maintenance Workshop 

AEMO has established a Gas Maintenance Workshop for Producers, Storage Providers and Transmission Pipeline Operators that supply gas to South East Australia and transport gas in South East Australia. The purpose of the Workshop is to assist AEMO to meet its obligations to coordinate all maintenance planned by DWGM facility operators under National Gas Rule (NGR) 326 and the Wholesale Market Maintenance Planning Procedures (Victoria). Participation in the workshop has been expanded, on a voluntary-basis, to non-DWGM facility operators to assist AEMO to assess and make decisions about any conflicting maintenance. 

The Workshop effectively provides a process where medium to long term planned gas facility maintenance is assessed and conflicts are mitigated by AEMO, which reduces the likelihood of maintenance activities impacting gas supply for South East Australian gas users (including Major Industrials, Retailers, NEM gas-powered generators, etc).  

This maintenance planning process also reduces the likelihood of the STTM Contingency Gas process being triggered for the Sydney and Adelaide hubs; or of a gas supply shortfall, requiring a conference under the Gas Supply Guarantee Guidelines.  

Attendance at the Workshop is limited to gas facility operators and all attendees agree to comply with the Gas Maintenance Workshop competition law protocol at all times.

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