Overview of the Declared Wholesale Gas Market

Consultation Report into the development and implementation of standardised training for Power System Operators. Progress updates will be made available here. 

This course will provide attendees with a broad understanding of how gas works in this market.

Course content:


  • AEMO’s gas markets: eastern and south eastern markets, Gas Bulletin Board and Wallumbilla & Moomba gas hubs.
  • About the STTM – how it operates, key arrangements with trading participants, market fundamentals, emergency arrangements.
  • About the DWGM –Declared Transmission System operations in Victoria, trading participant arrangements, system security, key market concepts and processes.
  • Settlements and Prudentials – Markets settlements comparison, settlement and prudential concepts explained
  • The Gas Supply Hub – Why a gas exchange?Registering for the GSH, market and legal frameworks, trading and market operation, gas delivery, market support.

Face-to-face (single-day) class


Virtual (2 half-day) sessions

  • Basic concepts in market design and key processes for its operation.
    • The fundamentals of natural gas.
  • Gas system operations, scheduling and pricing - Concepts such as Authorised Maximum Daily Quantity.
    • How the market is settled.
    • AEMO’s role in the operation of the DWGM.
  • The roles of the different categories of participants and the inter-relationships between them.
Learning objectives:

Attendees of the course will gain an understanding of AEMO's role in the DWGM.


$480 (plus GST) per person

Course dates:





2022 dates
coming soon




For further information, please contact energyeducation@aemo.com.au

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