Overview of the Declared Wholesale Gas Market

This course will provide attendees with a broad understanding of how the Declared Wholesale Gas Market operates, and comprises two parts;

  1. Introduction to Gas (common to both the Overview of the DWGM and the Overview of the STTM), and
  2. Overview of the Declared Wholesale Gas Market.

It will be delivered in hybrid mode, allowing for participants to attend either in-person or virtually via Microsoft Teams, over two half-days.

Course content:

Introduction to Gas

  • Introduction to gas wholesale markets
  • The fundamentals of natural gas;
    • physical characteristics
    • the basics of transportation
    • storage
  • Demand and Supply
    • Gas usage in Australia
    • How gas is produced
    • Alternatives to natural gas
  • AEMO’s role in the Australian gas industry

Overview of the DWGM

  • Basic concepts in market design and key processes for its operation, including;
    • The roles of the different categories of participants and the inter-relationships between them
    • Scheduling
    • Bids and market price-setting
    • Rescheduling
    • Imbalances and deviations
  • Transportation of gas in the Declared Transmission Network (DTS)
  • How the market is settled
  • AEMO’s role in the operation of the DWGM
Learning objectives:

Attendees of the course will gain an understanding of AEMO's role in the DWGM.


$480 (plus GST) per person for the Overview of the DWGM only.

Note: the cost of enrolling in both the Overview of the DWGM and the Overview of the STTM is $720 (plus GST) per person. Please use the East-coast Gas Market Overviews bundle in the AEMO Learning Academy to enrol in both courses.

Course dates:





14 May (Intro to Gas) &
15 May (DWGM Overview)

(AEST) both days

In-person (Melbourne)
or Virtual (MS Teams)


How to enrol:
  • Visit the AEMO Learning Academy
  • Click on the catalogue button to view courses
  • Add the education course to the Cart
  • Create an individual log in

You will also be able to access the AEMO eLearning and education catalogues.

For more information, please contact energyeducation@aemo.com.au

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