Engineering Framework

The Engineering Framework is a toolkit to define the full range of operational, technical and engineering requirements needed to prepare the NEM power system for six identified future operational conditions, including preparation for 100% instantaneous penetration of renewables. The framework seeks to facilitate an orderly transition to a secure and efficient future NEM system.

In July 2021, AEMO released the operational conditions summary, describing the generation mix and loading combinations projected to occur five to 10 years in the future that will necessitate changes to current operational practices. Building on this summary, AEMO published an initial roadmap in December 2021 to inform preparation of the NEM for operation under the six identified operational conditions.

Stakeholder feedback in early 2022 highlighted a strong desire to understand the specific actions that will be prioritised in the near term to start addressing the most pressing gaps and decisions identified in the Initial Roadmap. In June 2022, AEMO published the priority actions report to catalogue these actions alongside AEMO’s commitment to progress each of them during the 2022-2023 financial year.

The Engineering Framework is an ongoing, iterative process that requires close collaboration between AEMO and stakeholders. The next update report is targeted for Q4 2022 publication.  For more information see get involved.

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