31 March 2023 release (complete)

The Participant Toolbox is a central location for useful resources to help market participants understand and prepare for the changes associated with the Integrating Energy Storage Systems rule’s implementation. This page pertains to the 31 March 2023 release which allows aggregators of small generating and storage units to provide ancillary services (if they choose to do so). 

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  • What fees from AEMO will apply to registrations for the provision of FCAS?

    FCAS application fees are published with AEMO’s annual budget and fees. Up-to-date information on energy market fees and charges are available here.

  • How do we demonstrate the ability to provide services? Is it a desktop analysis or is there a testing and commissioning process?

    This is dependent on the type of technology and the ease of obtaining a desktop study. There must be testing and commissioning performed on site to enable physical demonstration. In some cases, AEMO may request that a simulation is performed in advance, as this helps clarify how an asset is expected to perform and help resolve any issues quickly before site tests are conducted.

  • Can Wind Farms (WF) and Solar Farms (SF) participate in FCAS contingency markets?

    Subject to the indicated level of interest, AEMO is reviewing whether SGAs that contain intermittent resources could participate in contingency markets. AEMO’s ancillary services webpages contains useful information and documentation, which outline how WF & SF can participate in contingency FCAS markets, noting that these documents are primarily designed for larger WFs and SFs. Information about WF and SF testing requirements is available here.

  • Are there exemptions for registration, for example if a participant has 6 MW of Direct Current or just under?

    Thresholds vary for different activities. Refer to the summary of resources published at the top of this page to help SGAs to assess, prepare and participate in ancillary services markets. The guide to generator exemptions and classification of generating units provides guidance on exemptions here

  • Will there be a guide specifically for SGAs in particular compliance obligations and requirements on installation of very fast metering?

    There are specific requirements for metering, which are available within the Market Ancillary Service Specification (MASS). AEMO has specifications on how FCAS is to be delivered by participants from any service. The MASS is available in full here

  • How will contingency cost recovery work? If you have a bidirectional unit, does that mean that you will be liable for both directions for contingency cost recovery?

    All payments to frequency control ancillary service providers are recovered from market participants according to the recovery rules1. The Non-Energy Cost Recovery framework is changing as part of the IESS Rule, commencing 3 June 2024. Section 6.1 of the IESS High Level Design provides information on current and future non-energy cost recovery arrangements, including those for MSGAs2

  • Does AEMO have a set of accredited meter service providers who provide meters that meet AEMO services for very fast frequency response?

    AEMO do not accredit meter service providers for FCAS metering. However, AEMO may request to see the data sheet of the metering device that a participant intends to use, for the purposes of assessment as part of the registration process.

  • How often do excursions occur and what is the likelihood to be expected to deliver significant FCAS services?

    AEMO publishes four second frequency data of the NEM on the ancillary services data webpage

For more information, please contact IESS@aemo.com.au.

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