Integrating Energy Storage Systems procedure changes

A significant number of procedures, guidelines and other documents need to be changed to implement the Integrating Energy Storage Systems (IESS) Rule.  

As part of AEMO’s IESS Project, AEMO has worked with the IESS Working Group to develop an approach to optimise feedback. 

This includes where AEMO may make minor or administrative amendments to existing consulted documents under NER 11.145.9(c) without following the relevant consultation process specified in the NER. Changes to an existing procedure, guideline, or other document will generally be considered to be minor or administrative if those changes: 

1. do not change the substantive rights or obligations of participants;  
2. do not require participants to incur any costs or change their systems; 
3. are not expected to involve material cost for AEMO; and 
4. are straightforward and not contentious in nature. 

AEMO's current indicative change program is as follows:


Further information

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