The gas registration process

This page shows the registration process when applying for registration in a gas market. To register in a different energy market, please go to Energy Systems > Registration.

  1. Complete and submit

    Complete the registration application form and all required supporting documents.

    Email your completed application, including all attachments, to:

  2. Pay fees

    On receipt of your application, AEMO will send an invoice for the payment of your registration fees by electronic funds transfer (EFT).

  3. AEMO review

    AEMO reviews the application and responds to you within five business days of receipt of the application.

    AEMO may request additional information or clarification of the information contained in your application. If a request is made, you must supply the additional information or clarification within 15 business days of the request (5 business days for GBB).

  4. AEMO notification

    Once AEMO receives a complete application and the additional information, AEMO must within 15 business days, determine if the application is to be approved for registration. AEMO will notify you of our determination and, if AEMO rejects your application, the reasons why.

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